The Refinery Method was designed for both the stylist and the client in mind. Our goal is to help take away the fear and help change the way artists look at hand-tied extensions. ‚Äč

Pricing information First time guests: Typically first time guests can expect to invest $1200-$2200+ depending on length and amount of hair used. After a phone consultation, our salon coordinator will be able to give you a more accurate price range. As pricing varies greatly on your hair needs we cannot give an exact quote without getting information during our phone consultation. Please note that pricing quotes are subject to change depending on your hair needs on the day of your appointment.

Returning guests: We recommend that you return for your next appointment every 6-8 weeks. (this may vary) Extension hair should last anywhere from 6-9 months (some can go longer) and at that time we recommend replacing your hair. The average for a move up appointment ranges from $350-600 depending on your hair needs.


Refined work | Relaxed Luxury ™

At Refinery 208 Salon we specialize in Hand Tied Hair Extensions and custom hair color. Your hair is the crown you never take off!

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