At Refinery 208 Salon our mission is to help our guests feel their best by achieving their hair goals.  As true artists in the hair industry, we take into account the individuality of each person.  With that, we can creatively enhance the outer beauty to match the inner beauty for all to see.

Specializing in various methods of extensions, Refinery 208 Salon can determine the right method designed with you in mind.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you get the hair you've always dreamed of!


Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Hair Extensions come in a variety of different methods.  Here at Refinery 208 Salon, we offer methods catered to each individual client.


 Using only the best hair color and extension hair in the industry, we are able to create fullness, volume, and length in a matter of hours,  all customized for YOU, the guest.


Ask us about our different methods of hand tied extensions, and which method could be right for you!

To apply for our extensions, fill out our application here:



We love blondes!!  We've also noticed that blondes tend to get damaged A LOT easier, especially when hair extensions are involved!  With our methods, you can be assured that we've taken this into careful consideration.  We only provide the BEST hand tied extension methods to keep damage to a minimum.


Have you dreamed of having hair extensions to give you a bunch of extra length?  We lovingly call this "Mermaid Hair", and it is so dreamy!  Mermaid hair can mean many different things to people, we can help you get the dream length you've always wanted with our Hand Tied extension methods.


Fullness and volume in hair is something not everyone was born with.  In fact, just installing one row of hand tied hair extensions can give you the amazing volume that mother nature couldn't! Maybe you love your length but just want thicker fuller hair.  With hand tied hair extensions, this is absolutely possible.  One of our team members can help determine what is the right amount of hair that will work for you.

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