Our Team

Nicole Bencurik

Nicole is a master stylist with over 20 years in the beauty industry.  She specializes in extensions and custom color services.  

Originally from Nebraska, she took her styling skills to Chicago before landing in sunny Arizona. 

Nicole has been trained by some of the best in the industry.  

Her mission is to make each guest who sits in her chair feel comforable, relaxed and beautiful!

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Christy Stewart

Christy is a master stylist of over 15 years with a focus on extensions and color.  

Christy's first career was as a dance teacher and yoga instructor.  After many years she decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a "dancing hairdresser".   Although hair has become her primary focus, she will always be a dancer at heart. 

Christy's mission is to help her guests feel beautiful all the time!

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Beverly Wilson

Bev, a master stylist from Michigan has 40 years of creating beauty. She recently relocated here to be near family and sunshine.  She is an art, music and health enthusiast.  Using custom haircuts, color and extensions to bring out the best in you is her passion!  

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Jessica Donald 

Jess is a master stylist of over 15 years who recently moved back to Arizona from San Diego!  She is certified in several hand tied extension methods and has a passion for curly hair.  When Jess isn't doing hair, she's spending quality time with her family and friends.  

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Whitney Murphy 

Whitney is an Arizona native and a graduate from Penrose Academy in Scottsdale.  She has worked side by side with Christy and Nicole and is now accepting new guests.  When Whitney isn't in the salon, she's hanging with her best bud, Cosmo, the wonder cat.   

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Cassidy Carver 

Cassidy is a native who graduated from Penrose academy. Cassidy is also a former dance teacher and is our social media manager.  She is an amazing artist and has been one of our  co-stylists who is now accepting color and extension guests.    

Cassidy is also the proud doggie mom to Bella and Oliver. 

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Pamela Griffiths 


Pamela is an experienced hairstylist specializing in fine hair, color and extensions.  Her passion is working with her guests to achieve their dream hair.  When she's not in the salon you'll find her on the hiking trail, at a yoga class, dance class or  exploring the city.  

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Adara Taylor

Adara hails from Washington and we couldn't be happier to have her join the team at Refinery!  Her passion is hair and so much so that she has no other hobbies at the moment. 

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