Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Application

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If yes, what method of extensions did you have, and what was your experience with them?

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Is your hair currently colored? If so, are you looking to drastically change your color or stay with what you have?

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Hair Photos

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* Must be current photos of your hair 
* Use your cell phone
* Have someone take the photo for you or use the timer function on your phone.
* Take the photo in natural light
* Please also include an inspiration photo of your desired look

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Pricing Information

Thank you for taking an interest in Hand Tied Hair Extensions. Currently, we only offer services out of The Refinery 208 Salon located in Phoenix, Az. 

First Time Guests:

Typically first time guests can expect to invest $1,200-$2,200+ in order for us to work together. After an initial phone consultation, your artist will be able to give you a more pinpointed price range. As pricing varies greatly on your hair needs, we cannot give an exact quote without getting your hair information and phone consultation. 

Our returning guests can expect the following:

Re-tighten color & extensions every 6-8 weeks
Replace the extension hair every 6-10 months with new hair. Some do choose to refresh some of their hair sooner at an additional cost. 
A usual tightening appointment ranges from $380-$600+ depending on your hair's needs.

What artist would you like to work with?


Having full knowledge of the financial commitment to obtain and maintain Hand Tied Hair Extensions, are you prepared to make the financial investment necessary to experience Hand Tied Hair Extensions at Refinery 208 Salon?