Refine me is a class designed for the hand-tied artist who would like more personalized guidance.
As hand-tied artists and hair stylists we have found the need for a more intimate space (free of judgement) for education.
This class is perfect for the hand-tied artist who is feeling a lack of confidence in their work.  perhaps you learned a method and aren't sure where to go next. Maybe you're feeling a lack in one area. you learned a method but didn't have mentorship or someone to answer your questions. or, you are a young artist needing some guidance to help you work more confidently and efficiently. 


Take your work to the next level 

in this class We cover:

+​Coloring hand-tied wefts and weft color knowledge.  how to choose the right tones for your client's desired look. 

+Proper placement for the ultimate coverage for your guests, including specialty placements.

+seamless cutting: we show you how to

become confident in cutting your client's

extensions so they blend perfectly.

+beginning photography skills and lighting.

+business guidance to help you grow and charge your worth.  






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